Would You Marry Me?2

Would You Marry Me?2

Our wedding was amazing!! And as of now, we are trying to decide what to do about having babies, and whether or not it should be simple or hard ;) Will we divorce or be lifelong souls. (This is my last love quiz!! Hope you like! Comment on how our relationship worked out)

published on April 04, 201432 responses 7 4.2★ / 5

I'm in bed reading The Grimm Legacy. You:

Begin to go under the covers and you pull me under
You roll your eyes and walk out

Rolled Eyes: You find my wallet on the counter. You:
In Bed: You slowly str*p me.

Take my money.
I moan in success

Took Money: You walk away happily and buy some money.
Str*pper: We have the best we've ever had.

We don't stop until morning, and when it finally stops I cant stop smiling at you
I come down and ask you where the rest of my cash is on my cell

Call on Cell: I figure out you took it and fume out of the room.
Panting: I kiss you and we crack jokes at each other.

It's the best day of my life!!
I'm kind of confused.

Besides all the mess we recently went to, what do you think was the worst part of our relationship?

Everything...my biggest mistake was trusting you....