Would You Marry Me?

Would You Marry Me?

This is after the dating section. Were both about 27 and I can't believe that were STILL dating, whether it's looking good or slowly fading away. If you get YOU PROPOSE!! or YOUR THINKING!! you can move on to the next quiz. Enjoy!!

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Now that we both have jobs, and are old enough to think about TRUE adult things, you decide to take me on a fancy date. Where do we go:

The fanciest place you could afford
I'm not sure. I guess it's up to you....or me....or...wait what was I saying?
Fancy? I was thinking Bob's Shack and Wrack...

We arrive and someone texts you. I look over your shoulder and it looks like another girl. You:

Mutter to yourself about whoever it was
Calls her and ignores me while we order
You explain she's a stalker from your job and I laugh

The waitress finally comes over and she keeps on eyeing you like a hungry puma. You:

Smacks her buttox (lol) and asks for some drinks
Tell her that you and me are trying to have a REAL dinner on this romantic evening and if you keep staring at me, I'm gonna freak the hell out.
Stare at her for 10 seconds than start talking to me

We've eaten and now are sharing a Suzette Crème. You:

Explain why this is so romantic
Giggle and gives a soft kick from under the table
Suddenly hog it for yourself

The question is pounding in your head. You:

Ask me in a sweet way and gives me the diamond ring (OF COURSE, IT'S A YES!!!)
Don't say it and smile
Ask in a quick, slick like to have "sex" with you and I crinkle my nose in disgust and leave you