Are you a Good Bff???

Are you a Good Bff???

See if you are a good Bff are you a awsomee Bff are you yeah i'm pretty cool are you bout adverage are you not good Bff well test to see???

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Your Bff just broke her foot what do you do???

Bring her a get well card and flowers
Throw her a get well party
Visit her from time to time "with a box of candy" yummy
Send Card don't visit

Your Bff just "accendently" spilled Cool Aid on your favorite dress what do you do???

Yell a bit
Tell her its ok lets go buy another
Yell at her and tell her to leave
Politly ask her to offer a nice dress

Your Bff is going to the movies with her crush and doesn't invite you what do you do???

Don't say anything and just find something else to do
Don't be friends anymore
Say thats ok and go shopping around the mall " and you understand"
Watch a different movie at the mall

You got a new sports car and your Bff wants a ride

Give her a ride everyday where ever she wants
Give her a ride only to school,mall and movies THATS ALL
Give her a ride only to school
Only to school

Do you think you are a good Bff???

Yeah Kinda
Absoulty, yes yes and yes Were Bff's Forever
Um have to think about it???
Yeah were pretty close