What type of boy should you date?

What kind of guy is a guy you should date? Emo,ouji,bad boy,shy guy or choir cutie?

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When you see a cute guy what is your first reaction?

Blush and look at the floor
Run out of the hall before he sees me
Check him out and talk about him with my friends
Start a conversation about sweet cars and hot motorcycles
Smile slyly and quietly watch him from across the room

What does your dream guy look like?

He would be tall and have Amazing curly hair and have the voice of a Angel!
he would be mysterious and tall
he would obviously wear dark depressing clothes and make up
He would be tall and strong and hot!! and romantic and...

What is...(Don't hate me).. your favorite color?

Black the color of despair
Blue! no wait Green or or Yellow um orange? Maybe red!..

Ok what is the first thing you notice about a guy

His Voice!!!
His Eyes!!!
his ability to sulk as if he was dying
His Adventurous look in his eyes

How do you want your crush to ask you out on a date?

To sing to me a love song then ask
To sneak me out side after midnight with out my parents knowing
he would ask me after chemistry <3
He would read a depressing poem with his question hidden in it
...what! Panicks

What do you like to do?

um...read? blushes
what ever I want duh!
Day dream about Mr.perfect<3

Ok one last Question What is your dream date?

Karaoke night!!
um uh...picnic?
A motorcycle ride and some dinner
a horror movie
A fancy dinner!