Which genre would the movie of your life be??

Which genre would the movie of your life be??

Horror,Comedy,Action,Fantasy,Sci-fi or Chick-Flick?? Lets find out now ;-p

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Its a dark night you're walking through the park ...what happens?

Some creepy guy starts following you O_o
You see your boss,in the rush to hide from them you trip face first into a bush,they find you in a unflattering position haha
You hear a gunshot,then a car blazes past chased by some police vans....wow!
A fairy appears to guide you through safely
You see one of your exes with the one they left you for,you march over and give them BOTH a slap!
An alien spaceship lands on a field as you're walking by

Best subject?

Cookery...you like to chop things!!!
Drama,your performances are just hilarious XD
PE,you love being active!
English..You lose yourself in the stories you write
Art.you love making pretty things ^_^
IT...Computers rule dude!

In school you were...

A goth
The class clown
Captain of the sports team
The daydreamer
The girly one
The nerd

Ideal location for a weekend with friends?

A old mansion you can explore
A house on the beach...parties!!
Somewhere extreme! like a ski resort??!
Somewhere magical like disneyland
Somewhere with LOTS of shops!!! *squeal*
A film & comic convention ^_^

You're going camping with friends...essential item(s)?

Weapons...incase you're attacked!
Joke books,games etc...gotta keep entertained :D
A fast car!!
Your wand,cloak,broomstick...cat...
Make up! Just cos you're in a tent doesnt mean you gotta look bad :P
Telescope for stargazing XD

You're at a friends house watching a dvd..what happens??

You hear a noise outside...they go to check it out..and dont return O_o
You both wet yourselves through laughing so much at the movie :')
Some masked burglars burst in and hold you hostage!
You see a witch fly past on her broom
You give each other makeovers! :D
You get beamed up by a UFO :-o

A old woman moves in next door,one day you look out and she's....?

Digging a hole..suspiciously shaped like a grave!! :-o
Dancing & singing around the garden in a tracksuit,LOL
Practising with a gun..wow she must be a secret spy or something!
Stirring a cauldron :-s
Having a fashion show with her cats..aww they r so cute!
Duelling the local kids...with a lightsaber!

Choose a TV series?

The Twilight Zone
Top Gear
Sex & The City
Star Trek

Which film would you rather watch?

The Hangover
Harry Potter
Mean Girls
Star Wars