Would You Date Me?2

Would You Date Me?2

Hai guys!! This is for anyone who got In an Awkward Position or Let's Try it on my first quiz. Let's say we decided to have an online relationship on Qfeast first....if you get a good personality, move on to the next one!!

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After an amazing day at Prom, we've both graduated. The first thing you text me is:

I'm gonna miss yhu
Byee :)

It's my first day of college, and you:

Call and say good luck
Drive over at midnight to at least say a pure goodbye

It's been a month since we've seen each other. I'm hoping you haven't forgot about me....

You ask if you've met the one
(Me: Um....no)
You ask if we should get together sometime.
(Me: Of course!!)

It's the big eye-staring question....want to go out? Do you ask it?

It takes a while for you to build your courage and you won't stop blushing
You quickly blurt it out

Now that were dating, things are only a bit weird between us, and you invite me over to:

Play video games
Make out

I have to go back to college now. You:

Give me a big hug and a going away present
Wave goodbye