Create an anime girl/boy-Part 1-Hair

Create an anime girl/boy-Part 1-Hair

This is going to be a series quiz with parts of an anime girls body. So, this tells you what anime hair you have and what that means for your personality. I hope you have fun taking this quiz! :D

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Me: Hello! How are you doing?

Hello. I am doing great. And you?
I'd rather not say anything. But I would like to know how YOU'RE doing. (Me: THAT was creepy.) I know.
(Me: 0_0)
I'm doing really great! How about you! You seem SO nice!

Me: Come in Elsa and Anna! *Elsa and Anna come in* Elsa: Um... Excuse me but, where do we sit? Me: Please, sit over there on the white couch. Anyway, do you like to be around people?

Yes! I partially AM everyone! (Me: Your kind of scarying me...) Sorry. I'm just SOOOO excited to be here.
(Me:Then your not freaking me out!) Yay!
I don't really interact with people unless I have to.
Since I'm very smart, I usually the leader of everyone I meet.

Me: Here's the next question. D- Anna: Oh! I want to ask a question. Me: Sure. Go crazy! Anna: Do you consider yourself kind?

Its kind of half and half. It depends on my day. (Me: How are you now?) I'm good. For now. (Me: Oh no!
She said FOR NOW!)
Yes! I'm the most kind person everyone knows! :D
Not really. I don't have any friends so...yeah. (Me:I'll be your friend!) But I'm a loner. (Me:Oh.)

Me: Elsa you want t- *Sven and Krisstof walks into the room* Krisstof:Hey! I heard you guys are asking questions! So, what do you like to do for your free time?

I just sit on a chair and think about...stuff. (Me:What kind of stuff?) None of your business how about
that?!?! (Me:Okay, okay. I'm sorry.)
I like to put on loads of make-up and shop at the mall! (Me:Ugh! Too girly for me.)
I read or do something that's comfortable for me.

Me:Elsa, how about you ask a question? Elsa:Oh! *Elsa is so startled that she jumps out of her seat* Me? Are you sure? *Elsa starts to blush* Me:Yeah! You never talked. Not even once! Elsa:O-okay. Um...let's see... Oh! That's right! Remember, I have ice powers! What's your favorite color?

I like colors that our like shading colors.
I like neon colors! :p
I like dark colors such as black and navy blue.

Me:Are you guys ready? *everyone nods* Me:1...2...3!!!! *everyone shouts* WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THIS PICTURE?!?!

Me:Are you guys ready? *everyone nods* Me:1...2...3!!!! *everyone shouts* WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THIS PICTURE?!?!
It is a picture of a half angel, half demon picture with a legendary sword. (Me:Very specfic evidence.)
*you laugh softly* Well, I do try.
It looks like your deepest nightmares and your deepest dreams trapped from flying off with a sword
that could be very important. (Me:That was very...glory. 0_0) I have my ways.
Omg! Its a dangerous sword attached to dangerous wings that are trapped. (Me:Hmmm...)

Me:Anyone else have a question? How about we d- Krisstof:So you like reindeers is the question! Me:No, its not, Krisstof. The question is what would they describe themselves. Krisstof:Oh...

Bubbly, cute, and gullible. (Me:So pretty much girly?) Pretty much! :D
Mysterious, thinker, and independent.
Special, intelligent, and responsible. (Me:You must be really mature.) Now that you mention it, yes, yes I am.

Me:Elsa, you haven't said a WORD at all! How about you ask a question? Elsa:Are you sure because I'm fine sitting here... Me:Come on. I exist! Elsa:Okay, so. What kind of weather do you like?

I like windy, cold days. Such as winter. (Elsa:Yes! :D) (Me:*sigh* Typical Elsa...)
I like warm days that have flowers blooming and everything perfect! Like spring! <3 (Anna:At least SOMEONE agrees with me!)
I like really I like when the wind is blowing like a breeze. Such as, fall. Where its dark all of the time.

Me:Every quiz deserves a freebie! Choose which one you want.

Black hair.
Pink hair.
Blue hair.

Me:Guys, say bye to everyone! *everyone yells* BYE!

Good-bhe but please don't yell SO loudly!
See you later...for know. (Me:0_0)
Bye! Bye! Bye!