Would you date me? (4)

Would you date me? (4)

lol, I decided to make this fun little quiz to entertain some of ya'll. It's mostly for boys, but just for the heck of it, I won't make it for boys ONLY lol like some selfish snobbish people on here. Enjoy!! xx

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Hi, I am Teaghan. How are you doing?

Good. U?
Um, I'm fine...I guess...yeah
Great!! Are you great???

So, were in a scenario and which I am gazing at you from the cafeteria..what do you do?

Gaze back lovestruck
Smiles and waves then turns back to friends
Stick out my tounge and forget about you.

After that cafeteria moment, it's time for French Class. I accidently (I say it was an accident...but was it?) trip on your shoe and you catch me. "Sorry....

wait, what's your name again?
Teaghan!! It's weird....we have French together? Wui wui, welcome to the club
Teaghan...are you ok?


Unicorns...what color are they?
lol unicorns unite!!!

I've had a horrible day at school. I see you riding your bike home, and you notice me staring. You:

Ask if you want a ride
Pedal over for a quick chat
Move faster away from you as a prank

The next day is Prom, and were both dateless. You:

Comes over and we both hang out all nite, even though were not dating
Find another date
Ask me to dance with you