If I was a colour... (for teenage girls)

If I was a colour what would I be? Will we be able to guess your personality through colour and a series of questions? Find out through this fun quiz.

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If you were stranded on an abandoned island with a friend what would be the one thing you would bring.

Swiss army knife
Diary and pen

Which dog breed is your favorite.

Golden retriever
Shih Tzu
I like dogs, but cats are better

You are invited to the biggest part of the year. What do you wear?

Short sundress, necklace, and flats.
Jeans, flats, necklace, and a graphic tee
I would've ripped up the invitation
I'm not allowed to go to parties

If you could only have one of these which would it be?

Video games
My cell phone

Favorite food?


What kind of movies do you like?

Romantic, comedy
Disney movies

What music do you like?

Punk rock
Anything romantic

If you only had 1 week to live you would.

Tell my crush "I like you"
Play video games or read till I die
Hang with friends
Have a Disney movie marathon

If you won the lottery what would you do with the money.

Shopping spree with friends
Video games and books
Starbucks and music on Itunes
A plane ticket to africa

If your crush asked you to be his partner for a school project. But you promised your friend already. What would you do?

Accept and explain to your friend later... She'll understand
Keep your promise to your friend
Decline (Playing hard to get)
I don't have a crush