How Shy Are You?

How Shy Are You?

How shy do you think you are? Take this quiz to find out if you're shy, out going, or a little bit of both.

published on April 02, 201464 responses 12 5.0★ / 5

When you are with friends, how much do you talk in a coverstation or start a converstation?

Every once in a while
I dont know...

When you meet someone new how do you greet your self?

say your name
say "hi"
saying "hi" and your name
just waving

When friends ask you to hang out, you...

excititly say yes
try to make up numerouse excuses to not go
ask who is all going to be with

if you go to school, who do you sit with at lunch?

all by myself
with some people that i barly know but still talk with
any one that looks like a nice person to talk to.
None, i dont go to school

When some one says something that you disagree with you...

speak your mind
Dont say anything
tell someone else
Nothing, because i dont talk to people to share my opinion with