What Nintendo home console are you?

From NES to Wii u what N64 console are you. Find out in this personality quiz.

published on April 02, 20144 responses 0

favorite Mario game

SUper Mario world.
Old 3d mario
New 3d mario
A one that takes a while to beat
One with a lot of red..
The classics

What is your pick from the vending machine

Something extremely spicy
Something I've never had before, im a risk taker
Just about the same thing every time
Something Health. Im a healthy freak. But I can kinda be a jerk about it.
Something not to old but not to new
A friend's recommendation

What is your favorite Mario Party

1,2 or 3
4,5,6, or 7
8 or 9
Mario Party sucks
I'm not a fan of minigames so i'll pass
Mario PArty is bland and boring in my opinion. But it isnt terrible.

Are you good at sports?

I'm so good at all the sports. Im a sports MASTER.
Only one sport. But that's my specialty.
Sports suck
I don't play sports. But I don't hate them.
Last time I played a sport peoples eyes fell out because I was so bad
I don't play sports but im good at them

I hate ____

Cheap things
People obsessed with little pointless things
Expensive things

What would you play in a band

Im the singer
I won't wanna play in a band

Best pet out of the 6

A bird

If you were a controller what would you be like

Weird, strange looking. But fun to play with
Easy simple buttons
A smart amount of buttons not a lot but not a little
Big but light
Well O-b-v-I-o-u-s-l-y said to be the best controller EVER
Something people don't love but don't hate