What Nintendo home console are you?

From NES to Wii u what N64 console are you. Find out in this personality quiz.

published on April 02, 20144 responses 0

What is your pick from the vending machine

Something extremely spicy
Something I've never had before, im a risk taker
Just about the same thing every time
Something Health. Im a healthy freak. But I can kinda be a jerk about it.
Something not to old but not to new
A friend's recommendation

Are you good at sports?

I'm so good at all the sports. Im a sports MASTER.
Only one sport. But that's my specialty.
Sports suck
I don't play sports. But I don't hate them.
Last time I played a sport peoples eyes fell out because I was so bad
I don't play sports but im good at them

If you were a controller what would you be like

Weird, strange looking. But fun to play with
Easy simple buttons
A smart amount of buttons not a lot but not a little
Big but light
Well O-b-v-I-o-u-s-l-y said to be the best controller EVER
Something people don't love but don't hate

I hate ____

Cheap things
People obsessed with little pointless things
Expensive things

favorite Mario game

SUper Mario world.
Old 3d mario
New 3d mario
A one that takes a while to beat
One with a lot of red..
The classics

Best pet out of the 6

A bird

What is your favorite Mario Party

1,2 or 3
4,5,6, or 7
8 or 9
Mario Party sucks
I'm not a fan of minigames so i'll pass
Mario PArty is bland and boring in my opinion. But it isnt terrible.

What would you play in a band

Im the singer
I won't wanna play in a band