The weirdest Sonic wwffy (For girls only.) part 1

The weirdest Sonic wwffy (For girls only.) part 1

Okay this quiz is going to have Silver, Tails, Manic, {Yes I do hate him somewhat but still.} ,and Drake. {Drake the echidna is an OC of mine.}

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You live on earth and are on your way to school. You hated school because of all the drama. A girl ran past you. She had light blue hair, pink eyes, and a light blue dress with matching tennis shoes. Suddenly she and a new girl with black hair, brown eyes, purple shirt with black skirt, and black tennis shoes ran up to you.

Get away.
What the-

You stared as she ran past you also. "Weird," You thought as you kept walking. "Wait!" The girl with light blue hair said. You stopped as she looked at you. "Can you please hold this for a second?" She asked handing you a large cyan gem. When you held it, it glowed in your hands. You saw the girl with black hair go behind you and kick you in the back of the head which caused you to black out.

s***. (Alexis: Hey no swearing! DX.) You made me! (Alexis: Shut it!)
Stop breaking the fourth wall!! (Alexis: Thank you!)

You felt like someone was picking you up. You heard mummers and saw only a small light. Although you failed to stay awake.

*in dream land*.
What the spit?
Not cool

You saw two flashes then a white portal thing. The two girls were now with two other figures. The first figure was like a blue mutant thing and the other was a black thing that looked like the first thing. You heard some talking then saw the blue thing pick you up. You then saw a weird man in a floating chair. "Get her in," The girl with blue hair yelled. The blue thing that was holding you nodded and saw you were awake. "Don't worry," He said. "It's not much further," He said. Although you couldn't pay attention because you heard a female voice. It was the girl with black hair. She breathed fire towards the man as a new figure came and snatched you up.

What the-
Not cool.

Ending here bye... ^-^. *waves*. Also for the results can't show you what they look like. But three of them you should know.

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