Which Slipknot song are you?

Which Slipknot song are you?

Find out which of Slipknots songs match you best....12 possible results: just for fun!

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Favourite Slipknot album?

slipknot...bleed mofo!!
all hope is gone!!! raawwwwwr!!!!
volume 3:the subliminal verses..i think
volume 3:the subliminal verses...now i challenge you to a duel!
all hope is gone...that stuff is waaaay depressing...i like ^_^
volume 3:the subliminal verses.nuff said.
iowa...not a single disastrous song!
all hope is gone...so far
slipknot!!!!! XD ....*dances crazily*

Current problem?

your waiting for things to change
the state of your country..
your feeling trapped
deciding what to do next!
backstabbers & 2-faced people
unstable relationships
fake people
not being able to move on...
your turning into something you don't like
not being accepted by others...
not being able to accept yourself
persecution by others...

Choose a word:


Best end lyric:

and it waits for you!!!
the limits of the dead!!
yeah!! x7......oooooooooooooooohhhhhh!!!
If the pain goes on....im not gonna make it!!
all i wanna do is stamp you out..
dead memories in my heart...
kill you-F*** you-i will never be you
she isnt real..i cant make her real...
im not supposed to be here
look me in my brand new eye
theres something inside me that feels, like breathing in sulfur...
liberate...my madness

Choose a phrase:

3D blasphemy
pseudo sacrosanct perversion
the end of the road is my end
ive screamed until my veins collapsed
im all out of enemies!
i cant go back again...
and now its war!
its now or never..
lies and consequences
its all in your head
the only will is my own
i dont need this...outta my business

What do you want to say to someone at the moment?

You haven't learned a thing...
I dont need this anymore...
I dont want a part in your sordid little plans
I found out the hard way what you're really like
My love wasn't good enough...
Keep away from me!
I despise you
Look me in the eyes...
I wont be lied to again...
I dont know where i stand with you!
Tell the truth! for once!

What line best describes how you're feeling now?

i cant control my shakes,how the hell did i get here?
we could start over,just look me in the eyes and say im wrong..
im just caught up in all the battles....
my future seems like one big past...
sick of my bitchin falling on deaf ears..
the other me is gone,now i dont know where i belong..
im just a bastard but at least i admit it
i wont let this build up inside of me..
hate aint enough to describe me
its too late for me,all you have to do is get rid of me!
im a sinner to most but a sage to some
put a wall up/what the hell have i done?

Best lyric?

I felt the hate rise up in me,kneel down and clear the stone of leaves..
..noone else can see the preservation of the martyr in me...
i was a creature before i could stand
i push my fingers into my eyes,its the only thing that slowly stops the ache
sanity,literal profanity,HIT ME!
another story of the bitter pulls of fate..
i wanna understand why,but im hurting myself...
hard to say what caught my attention,fixed and crazy aphid attraction
how does it feel to be locked inside another dream...
im hearing voices but all they do is complain
i do whatever i want and stay alone
i cant be part of a system such as this..

Word/phrase to describe you...

Craaazzzzy :P
Full of regrets
Moving on....
You wont be pushed around any longer
In love
Im just me and i wont change for noone!
I just wanna be accepted for who i am...
leave me alone!