Are you sick?

Take this quiz to figure out if you are unhealthy. My next quiz? Is your house haunted?

published on March 31, 201466 responses 8
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You feel the need to sniffle.

Uh uh. Nope

When you swallow, your throat goes dry.

Yes! And it hurts.
No. i just drink water.

When you swallow or move your body parts, symptoms from earlier sicknesses arise.

Yes. I've found myself with growing pains, stomach cramps, fever, sweat, and
NO WAY!!! Sometimes, but that means Im growing up!

You feel something is in your throat you need to cough out.

Yes! Always. Like a watermelon..
No, nothing, it happens only sometimes.

While you are in your classroom, do you find yourself sneezing, possibly, or coughing a lot?

Yes, I find myself coughing and sneezing a lot. A few times I'v found myself in
the nurse's office!
No,not really. I may be accidentally choking or just have the need to sneeze, is