What faction do you belong to??

What faction do you belong to??

This is a test to see what faction you personally belong to. This test does include Divergents and Factionless Good luck and be brave.

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Your in a tank thats filling up with water what do you?

Kick glass
Calm down and just take my last breaths
Take my shirt and clog the hose so the water doesnt come in anymore
Its not real. Just drown
Freak out
Its OK if i die at least its not someone else
Why is this happening?

You fall asleep then you wake your in a empty room that has a table. There are 5 objects and you can only pick one which one would you choose?

A knife
A rib-i steak
A blanket
A text book
A gun
I refuse to choose anything
Why does this matter?

You chose your object, Now a angry dog is running tward you, what will you do with your object.

Use my knife and kill the damn thing
Cover it with my blanket and hope for the best
Hit it with my text book
Make friends with it and feed it my stake
Shoot it with my gun
Lie on the ground its not real its just a simulatin
I dont know what to do

Your in a vacant plain with only one tree around and theres a fire over by the tree, now a crow flies and lands on your shoulder its talons dig into your shoulder and more and more fly over what do you do?

Run over to the tree grab a branch and set it on fire and set the crows on fire
Lay down and picture a gun, it appears and i shoot the crows
try and make peace with the crows
Think of something their scared of and try and find it
Try and calm down freak out
My life's not that important
i dont know what to do

You are now 150 feet in the air theres a door about 20 feet away What do u do?

Walk to the door
Jump off its not real
im not sure
Scream then walk to the door
WALK to the DooR duh..
calmly walk to the door
Do what anyone else in my position would do

You reach the door and you walk in the door disapears behind you there are screws on the floor the room is now getting smaller What do you do?

Let me get squished its not real anyway is just a simulation
Take the nails and use them to wedge the walls from coming further
DIE my life not that important
Use the nails DUH
Freak out then try and make myself smaller then calm down
Stay calm the longer im calm the faster it will be over
i dont even know

You fell unconscious and now you are standing on a pole and your feet are straped to the surface and your worst enemy set it on fire what do you do?

Let me burn
Try and blow out the fire
Scream and then calm the hell down
Calm dowm and try and make peace with my enemy hopefully they will put out the fire
i dont know die i guess i will never make amends withmy enemy
try and untangle the ropes
think of rain i mean i can manipulate the system

Your now in a room with your secret crush/lover they kiss you and you want to kiss back but you resist them what do you say to them?

Say " i want to be with you but this doesnt feel right" i mean its the truth
Say " back off" i cant stand simulations
dont say anything and punch them
Do what they want they come first ill say "ok"
Kiss the hell outta them i mean i love them
what am i suppose to do i love em dont i ?
Peacefully and sweetly kiss them back

Your in a room and a table appears, it has a gun on it suddenly your family appears you have to kill them if you dont you die would you kill them?

If i have to yes
Die for them
Grab the gun and say im sorry
kill them faction before blood
Kill em i guess
Die for them its not real after all
Do what ever i have to

Your father has a belt and is about to beat you what do you do?

Beat him up
Let him beat me if thats really what he needs
Let him hit me its the only logical thing to do
Peacefully ask him to stop
take the beating i guess
Ask him why and demand for the truth
Make him disapear or fight him

your now in a room in front of a table with 5 pictures on it. 1st pic has water, 2nd has fire, 3rd has trees, 4th has a knife, 5th has a stretcher.

i like Fire
i honor water
i choose trees
Definently knife
Stretcher i dont know whta it is so let it suprise me wait dont think of yourself
NONE i dont i refuse to choose
What am i suppose to pick

They all lead to the same place a obstacle you have 5 mins to do it so you better hurry.

Do it as fast as i can
Take my time
Freak out and hurry
imagine myself at the other side then i end up there
do it i guess
try my hardest and do it
do it if thats what i have to do

What do you think of Abnegation

LOve it
hate it
its ok
They r cowards
their fine
they dont bother me but they are apart of me

What do you think of Dauntless

Their cruel
Their the best
They seem ok
alittle to cruel but i can stand them
they are my allies so i have to like them
they dont bother me but they are apart of me

What do you think of Erudite

they ok
I cant stand them
there ok but there too smart
they seem ok i mean were allies so..
they dont bother me but they are apart of me

What do you think of Candor

they dont bother me but they are apart of me

What do you think of Amity

I CAN stand them
they dont bother me but they are apart of me
there fine

What do you think of Divergent

They should all be dead
All have to be dead
Everyone should be equal
To be honest i dont care for them
They need to be revealed
Err i think i am one