What Color Are You? (13)

It may sound boring and it may sound quite interesting, but that's your opinion! Please take the quiz! :D

published on March 30, 201424 responses 7
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Alright, this question is very nessesary, so no throwing anything. What is your favorite color- *dodges a brick* HEY!

Red, duh. It's the BEST color, like me!
Orange! Now, excuse me while I get back to work.
Yellow! Isn't it amazing?!
I'm not sure...maybe green? Oh, but what shade?!
My favorite color would be blue, thank you. It is quite calming.
Indigo, or purple.... e-either one w-works...

What's your favorite food? C'mon... share the answer.

Oh but there are so many foods out there in the world! I i can't just choose one!
The best there is! Odviously some Taco Bell burritos up in here!
Steak. It's the food I use for practicing how to correctly cut with a knife.
Freaking carrots! Helps your eye sight, so you can stay alert
Waffles! Who doesn't love them?

So... got a crush on anyone?

I'm better than you, so... I'm already dating!
I can't choose who to have a crush on exactly.
I-I'm too shy to s-say...
I prefer to keep my personal thoughts to myself.
Oh, of course not! I have candy to deal with!
Yeah. I've had a crush on this one person... hey wait a second!

Wanna just do fate and get this done? The results are good, anyways, in my opinion.

Bring it on!
Wait, let me think about it!
Sure, I've worked hard getting to this question... I guess.
Shouldn't you do a more professinal question?
Yay! Fate! Woo Hoo!
I-I-Is it a bad thing?