What Do The Creepypastas Think Of You? (1)

What Do The Creepypastas Think Of You? (1)

Well the title says it all, but we will have a few questions from our Creepypastas! Everyone is here, right Slender? Slender: *drags Jeff in* Now everyone is. Jeff: I don't wanna.... Me: Well too bad. Jeff: You're probably gonna sleep well tonight, Ashley. Me: NO! Stay here while I start the quiz, ok?! Jeff: No. Ben: Just stop it already, will ya? Everyone is waiting on you! Jeff: *Stays silent* Sorry... Let's get started, shall we?

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Me: Okay! Let's get started! So first, thanks for taking this!]

You're welcome!
It's no problem.
Okay... So when do I meet the Creepypastas?

Me: The first one to ask a question is-]
Ben: ME! Okay... So, do you like video games.]

Sure, sure. >:-)
Yeah! I play them all the time! In fact, Legend Of Zelda is one of my favorite game series! [Ben: Oh, is
Nah, I usually outside doing things. Sports and such.
Yeah, I guess.

Me: Next question! Jeff?]
Jeff: No.]
Me: Yes.]
Jeff: Fine. What do you do in your free time? Is that good enough?]
Me: I guess. Though, it doesn't have to do with killing like I expected...]
Jeff: I have my ways...]

Anything really.
Stabbing things... [Jeff: I doubt it. Just another fangirl who wants to get close to me. WELL IT'S NOT
Eating things... [Masky: Like cheesecake?] [Jeff: THIS IS MY QUESTION! GO AWAY!!] [Masky: *Slowly
backs away*]
I don't know...

Me: Slender?]
Slender: Hmm... Who is your favorite out of us?]

Tails Doll
Laughing Jack
Eyeless Jack
Lost Silver (Pokemon)
Buried Alive (Pokemon)
White Hand (Pokemon)
Ben Drowned
You, Slender!
None of the above...

Me: Who wants to go next?]
*No one moves*]
Me: Hoodie!]
Hoodie: DArn... 1 d0n't hAv3 A qu3st1on 2 Ask th3m.]
Me: You sure? Also, why do you talk like that?]
Hoodie: 1 d0n't kn0w. MAyb3 b3cAus3 1 wAnt 2.]

I cannot understand you, Hoodie!
00h!! 1 cAn tAlk l1k3 thAt 2!!! Y0u'r3 n0t th3 0nly 0n3 wh0 cAn!!!
Why do you talk like that?

Me: Who else is bored?]
Jeff: Me.]
Me: I wasn't asking you guys! I was asking them.]
Ben: Who?]
Me: Them.]
Ben: Who?]
Me: Them!]
Ben: Who?!]
Me: Never mind...]

Nobody asked you Ben!
I'm bored too. MAyb3 1 sh0uld tAlk l1k3 th1s AgA1n?
I'm not bored! My weapons keep me busy! [Jeff: Weapons? Another thing I doubt...]

I guess this is the end! I know it wasn't long, and not everyone (almost no one) got to ask questions. But are you ready for the results?

It should have been longer... But it's okay.
Well, it's alright!
See ya!