What Faction Are You??

What Faction Are You??

This is a quiz that can tell you what faction you would be in if you lived in Divergent

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What do you usually wear

Something plain, that won't make people look at you
Something comfy and nice to look at
Something that shows your personality but is still very simple
One or two colors
What every will make people look at you
Something that you can do anything in

If you could choose between the following jobs, what would you choose

Farmer or musician
Judge or lawyer
Firefighter or soldier
Scientist or teacher

What is most important to you right now

Helping the people around you
Finding peace and happiness, finding things that bring joy to yourself
Finding out the truth behind everything
Finding out who you really are pushing yourself to do new things
Getting good grades in school and finding out everything about everything

When you are faced with a hard task...

you do what ever will help the most people
you do something creative to express how you feel
you debate the issue with your friends
you face it head on and act on instinct
you make a list of pros and cons and close the answer that has the most supporting evidence

What is your personality like

You will do anything for your friends. You are calm and collected. You enjoy making other
people happy and will always help the people around you
Cheery and peaceful. Everyone likes you and you are kind to everyone despite their flaws. You
can always find the goo din someone
You are blunt and honest. You would rather have someone tell you exactly how they feel about
you than pretend to like you
You are brave and daring. You and your friends are constantly pushing each other to do things
you haven't before. You are loyal and al little crazy
You are smart and punctual. You hate being wrong or late. You are very down to earth and have
no trouble waking up at 6:30 in the morning for school

What is your favorite color(s)

Plain and light dull colors
bright cheerful colors
Plain bold colors
black and red

What does your room look like

neat and plain. Not much in it. very orderly
has lots of bright colors and nick nacks. It is a little messy but I know exactly where everything
It is bold and expresses my personality . It is very orderly
It is dark and has little in it. All my clothes are somewhere on the floor
It has lots of books. Everything has a place and is labeled

How do you prepare for a test

use the little spare time I have to go over the notes I took in class
I make a game out of it with my friends
I memorize what I need to in class while the teacher has their back turned and never look at it
I wing it
I poor over notes and text books and flash card for weeks until I have them all memorized

What activity do you think you would be caught doing on the weekend...
Be honest

Volunteering at the local shelter or soup kitchen
Doing something creative like drawing or singing
Having a debate with your friends on fun topics
Rock-Climbing or adventuring
Doing extra credit and or reading a book

You most want your friends and family to see you as someone who...

Is willing to put others first and help them at all costs
Is cheerful and easy to like
Is trustworthy and will never lie to the,
Will make sure they stay safe and will protect them at all costs
Will give them good advise

You find out that you friends boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on them, what would you do

Tell your friend, you think it would be bad for them to be dating a cheater
Sit them both down and have them work it out so nothing gets to extreme or not tell them
because that could make them mad
Tell them as soon as possible because you could never keep a secret from them
You confront them, also do a little vandalizing, making sure they know they have been caught
Waiting it out, they will find our eventually

How many friends do you have

Not to many but the ones you do are really close to you
lots and lots
not very many but you could never let go of the ones you have
A small group of people who all like doing the same thing you do
only 1 or 2
People who aren't so sensitive and need little reassuring