Are you an alcoholic?

Are you an alcoholic?

Does a quiet drink usually turn into a all night bender???Do you have a drinking problem?? find out now!

published on October 02, 201135 responses 10
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How often do you drink at home,in a week?

You'll have a drink with the ocassional meal
Maybe once
Every friday & saturday,sometimes other days too
More than 4x a week

How many times have you passed out through alcohol?

You've been sick..not passed out though
You've came pretty close
2 or more times
You lost count

How often do you go out on the a week?(money not being a issue)

You're hardly out once a month never mind a week...
You may go out for a quiet one,but home before the last bus
1-2x but you dont get in a state
At least twice
More than 3x

Its your best mates birthday night out,you have work at 8am the next day,what do you do?

Stay in & have a early night,they'll understand
Go out but leave after 1-2 hours-no drink
Stay out until the last bus (11ish) 1-2 drinks
Stay out until the last bus but have more than a few drinks
Stay out until 1-2am..quite drunken..
Stay out until the sun rises,get really drunk & roll into work not fully sober

How much of a night out can you normally remember the next day?

All of it
Most of it
Bits & pieces of it
Some,your friends help you to piece it together
Struggling to remember now...
Huh?Did i go out last night? :-s

How many times have you been kicked out of a bar for doing something stupid?

Not so far but its possible..
Not yet but you have had warnings
It happens so often you cant remember

Ever played 'Ring of Fire' or similar drinking games?

You've watched people play
You've gave it a go
Yes but you drop out after a few rounds
Yes but you stop if it gets too extreme
Yes,till the end! Getting drunk is the whole point of it!

Any drunken injuries?

A few small scratches
Some big scratches
Few cuts & bruises
Yeah...but you have no idea how it happened :-s
You get one every time you drink! :D

Which of these sounds typical of you?

Theres no alcohol whatsoever in your house
Theres a few cans but they remain untouched
You have the odd bottle of wine but only drink it on special ocassions
You have a well stocked fridge with plenty of drink
Theres barely a space thats NOT filled with alcohol
You have enough drink to open a bar & the bin outside is overflowing with bottles/cans