Would you be my friend? (3)

Would you be my friend? (3)

Heyy it's Lauren!! Just take this quiz when your bored or whatever.... Yeah...so enjoy!!!

published on March 28, 201433 responses 0 4.3★ / 5

What do you do in your free time?

Make Utube Videos and check Facebook
Sit around playing computer games

Who would you rather spend time with?

Your best friend
Your baby brother

Technically, how would you message this:
Sure, I will pick you up at two, just remember to make adjustments for the performance.

Sure, will pick u up at 2, just rmbr to make adjust. 4 the perf.
Same as you wrote, with maybe a bit of changes

Do you like to talk about hotalicious boys?

Hotalicious? No...not hotalicious ones....maybe not boys at all

Would you encoaurge me to go deeper into my career if you didn't like it?

No...I like getting things my way
You betchya!

Did you think my quiz sucked?

Yes it freakin sucked! :((
Kind of/ No but I wouldn't bring it up anyway