What Pumpkaboo Are You?

What Pumpkaboo Are You?

No two Pokémon are the same. Some are hyper and always giddy, others darker and vicious. Pumpkaboos are no exception. Take this quiz to discover what Pumpkaboo you are and how you'd fit into the world of Pokémon.

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Welcome! You are a Pumpkaboo, but you already knew that, and you have a nice home here in the safari zone. Many humans come and go, capturing those around you. Sometimes you wonder what happens to them when they leave the safari zones. But nonetheless you are happy here, your home is perfect in your eyes, so what's in it? If you don't mind me asking.

I have some books here for reading, a few poems I've written, and some pictures of the
outside world.
I got a bed, and.... oh, is that my blanket?! I was looking everywhere for that!
Nothing much... just some weeds, some grass, it is just safari zone after all.
I collect a lot of sparkly things, so I have some belt buckles, some watches, a few
badges. I am sure no
one will mind if I have these things.
Actually I do mind, who are you anyway?

Whoa! Hold that thought, a trainer is coming! He has a Pokéball out too, what are you going to do?!

I should go say hello! Who knows he might be friendly, only one way to find out.
Well, guess I will just wait here and see what happens...
This guy? He has no chnace! Haha with my skills I'll take him out no problem.
I hope he just goes passed me, I mean I am happy here, what if he captures me? What
will happen to
Shh! I'm hiding, if we keep our voices down he won't find us.

The trainer see you! He calls out his Murkrow, a Dark and Flying type, to battle you. The battle has begun and here you are out in the open. The odds are looking against you here, what will you do now?

Wait... You mean I have to do something?
Maybe if I just sit perfectly still he won't attack me and just throw the ball, I don't exactly
feel like
getting beat up today.
I will try my best! Sure I am weak to both Dark and Flying types, but if I don't try then I
surely won't hear
the end of it.
Oh! Oh! Okay, okay, let me just fix myself up a bit, shake my fur out--wait how do I look?
Is this good?
Guess I'll be fainting today huh...? Wonderful....

The battle goes... well... for the trainer. You get captured rather quickly considering the odds against you, luckily the trainer rushes you off to the nearest Pokécenter. Nurse Joy heals you up in a matter of seconds, how are you feeling?

Uh, that was a fluke! Next time we battle, that Murkrow is going down!
Oh, well, at least that ordeal is over. Wonder what happens now.
Aw, I lost. But did you see that trainer's face when he caught me? He was so excited! I
hope he likes me.
There goes all my stuff back home...
Zzzz.... Huh? What? Is the battle over?! Where am I?! What is this?! Who are you

Your trainer keeps you out of the Pokéball when he walks you outside. He smiles and welcomes the humans to come and admire you, and admire they do! Making baby cooing noises and petting your soft body, the humans are quite affectionate. Maybe too much, what do you say to them?

Oh please, don't get too close, I don't know where your hands have been!
Awww yea, right there, yea--a little to the left there. Ahhh yea that's the spot.
Do you not know who I am?! Get your hands off me you dang, dirty, humans! I am a
ghost for crying
out loud!
Hehe no wait--hahaha that tickles! Hehehe oooohooo hahah!
Does the light look okay on me? Yes, yes, how about this angle? Or here? Am I looking
well? Please,
don't touch the fur dear.

The day was filled with admiration and adorable noises towards you. It gets late and you've been following your trainer on bike, he keeps you out the Pokéball and always smiles at you when he sees you. How do you feel about him?

What? You don't see through his games?! He's obviously using me.
I think he likes me, I-I hope so. I would really like to have a friend after so long.
I miss my stuff back home.
I smile at him too! I hope he likes me as much as I like him, I am happy to go to any
region with him!
Ugh can you put me back in the ball? I'm exhausted.

Eventually you both come to a nice looking home, you follow your trainer inside after he parks his bike to the side. Inside it is well lit by Pokémon shaped lamps and an elderly woman is standing in front of a desk. The trainer speaks to her for a bit before ushering you over to her. Without a good bye you watch him leave, you now in the hands of a stranger. What's going through your head?

Did he... did he just give me away? I knew it, I'm worthless,..
Ugh thank goodness I don't have to follow that guy around anymore.
This lady seems nice, but I can't wait for my trainer to come back to visit!
You piece of **** I will **** your **** in the **** I hate you! I will destroy you from
the inside out you
.... Hello?

You are given a place to sleep outside. Other Pokémon reside here, some small, others huge, some doing unspeakable things to one another. The elderly woman sets you down beside another Pumpkaboo and gives you a proper push at it. This Pumpkaboo appears sleepy and uninterested in you, what do you say?

Uh excuse me? I am right here? Don't ignore me!
You know any way to bust out of this place or what?
Hey, my name is.... Zzz...
Oh, hello, um, hi are you--um--can you tell me what is going on?
Hi! I don't know you much yet but I'd like to!

The other Pumpkaboo explains you are here to breed and you will be here for the rest of your life. The Pumpkaboo seems to have no hope for anything, staring up at the starry sky with no smile to be seen. What do you do?

Well, I don't want to be stuck here for all my life but what can I do?
Oh I should have known this would happen, I will be stuck here forever.
We don't sit here and mope about it that's for sure! Let's attack the other Pokémon and
get thrown out!
Maybe being here won't be so bad, I mean it seems kind of cozy.
I will not stay here away from other humans any longer! I refuse to be ignore in this trap!

The Pumpkaboo sighs and shurgs, looking at the old man across the field always watching them. Your mate explains you cannot escape without him seeing. Things seem hopeless for you, Pumpkaboo, what can you possibly do?

I'm going to sleep.
I'm going to attack everyone.
Im going to find a nice corner to sit in.
I'm going to work on my new look.
I'm going to cry.

... Okay, well, instead of that how about you just fly out? I mean there is no barrier, and to be honest I don't think the old man can jump that high.

Uh... Yea! Yea I was going to suggest we do that next.
Good idea!
Aw man, do I have to? Can't I just stay here?
Hmph, better an idea than any, let's do it.
I hope the other Pumpkaboo likes this idea.

You explain my--uh I mean--you explain your plan to the other Pumpkaboo. Surprisingly the other Pumpkaboo never thought of this idea. Together you journey upwards into the sky, watching the elderly man scream at you to come back. The other Pokémon see your plan and follow your advice, those with wings carrying those without. Flying off into the distance. The other Pumpkaboo is elated and offers to bring you back to her herd of Pumpkaboo. What do you do?

I better follow my guide!
Hmm, I guess I should follow. Two heads are better than one anyway.
Wow, this Pumpkaboo actually wants me around? Guess we could stick together.
Yea sure I'll go, just as long as I don't have to fly too long.
Finally, someone who realizes that having me around is a good thing!

You reach a nice path of wild grass, kept secluded by the rocky cliffs. Many Pumpkaboos live here and are all excited to see their Royal leader returned to them! Lucky you meeting that Pumpkaboo, huh? You spend many days here in this paradise and then, one morning, you find an egg in your bed between you and the Royal leader. What do you hope is inside?

A shiny!
A warrior!
A happy Pumpkaboo!
A worker!
A friend!