Which main COAD character are you?

Which main COAD character are you?

Renn,Torak or Wolf? Find out who you are the most like,in this fun quiz :D

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Which of these would you most like to have/be able to do?

Magecraft (witchcraft)
Spirit Walk (walk in the body of another)
Be a VERY fast runner

Which weapon would you choose?

Bow & Arrow

Which of the following clans would you choose to be part of?

Clan?? *confused look*

A good quality of yours?

Fiercely Loyal

A bad quality of yours?

Dont show emotion
Dont always listen to advice
Too trusting

Who would you most like to be related to?

Fin-Kedinn (Raven clan leader) or Seshru (Ex Viper Mage)
Bale (seal-clan) or Toraks father the ex Wolf Mage
Darkfur (female wolf)

Which clan tattoo would you prefer?

3 straight blue-black lines on each cheek
2 dotted lines on each cheek
Tattoo? no thanks!

Which soul-eater would you most like to meet?

Seshru...so you can give her a slap!!
Tenris or Toraks Father
Any of the 7...to rip them apart!! grrr!!

What colour are your eyes?

A dark colour
A light colour

You're walking through the forest with a friend when you come across a wolf,your friend starts speaking to it?!

You're shocked and appalled
Cool! Can i learn??
You join in