Which God or Goddess is Your Parent

This is a fun kid-friendly quiz based on the percy jackson books by rick riordan and i hope you enjoy -julia

published on March 26, 201465 responses 16 4.3★ / 5

where do you feel most at home

outside when its raining
somewhere where i can be boss
at the beach or somewhere with water
outside planting or farming
somewhere where people are fighting
a library of course
a place with rhymes and riddles
under the moon light
duh, a forge
simple question...the mall
a mail place
some where with wine
somewhere dark and peaceful

which shop would you want to live in

a huge palace where i rule
a room in the empire state building
any place with water
a farm
any place where i can use my brain
an army base
any place with rhymes
a forge
any place under the stars
a cemetery
a bar
a post office

what is your biggest fear

big crowds
no wine
nothing to deliver
nothing to build
someone beating you at anything
all the crops dying
no water on earth
not having control of the winds
not being in charge

what's your favorite holiday

fathers day
mothers day
agriculture day
i don't have time for holidays
i like all of them
april fools day
whenever theres a eclipse of course
mail day
whenever there's wine

what are you known as

the leader
the boss
the water lover
the plant lover
the violent one
the smart one
the funny one
some one who loves the moon
the builder
the cute one
the runner
the drinker
the quiet person