What jungle animal are you?

What jungle animal are you?

Find out if you are a Snake, Monkey,Tiger, or Elephant! Please rate and comment!!

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What is your ideal way of grooming yourself?

I don't care about hygiene
A splash in the waterhole!
A lick behind my ears and fur
Have my mate pick of all those sneaky ticks!

What is your favorite color?

Any colors that consist: Yellow, Green, Brown, Orange

Which of these are your favorite food?

Anything that fits in my mouth!
Interesting Foods!

How many friends do you have?

I have a whole group of friends!!
I am Solitary, forever!

What do you like to do on your spare time?

Bask in the sun (Tanning) or read.
Exercise or talk with friends
Groom Myself or Play with friends!
Look up cool things!

What would describe you?

Smart, Curious, and a troublemaker!
Brave, Kind, Graceful
Ambitious, Persuasive, Clever
Sweet, Calm, Brave

Where is your ideal place to live?

A place where I could tan, and enjoy the weather!
A place with cool hiding spots!
A calm place
A place among the trees!

What noise do you think is the best?

Annoying Screeching