Divergent Aptitude Test (4)

Divergent Aptitude Test (4)

Are you Amity, Erudite, Abnegation, Candor, Dauntless or DIVERGENT? This test will tell you your true faction. Weather your choose that faction or not is up to you.

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1. How would you describe yourself? Be honest

Fun, up for a laugh, brave and exciting!
Love to see pain, brave and fearless
Selfless, kind and quiet
Peaceful, happy and calm
Truthful, honest and secret teller
Smart, intelligent and a bookworm
All or none of the above

2. How would your friends or family describe you?

Funny, brave and jumpy
Quiet, plain and selfless
Honest, rude and can't keep secrets
Violent, brave and irritable
Top in all classes, intelligent and a complete book worm!
Happy, peaceful and calm
All or none of the above

3. You are divergent. What do you do?

Keep my head down, no one must see or hear me any way, may as well keep quiet
Fight and kill anyone who hints my true identity. If people know the truth I must see them in pain!
Smile, laugh and dream of peaceful times without danger
Act natural, laugh, chill and make it work
Do what any normal person would do. Act natural, stay calm, only tell the people I trust, keep your head low but not obviously low and research the best way to fix this. Simples!
Find out the best way to hide it. Research all the possible options to overcome or destroy the divergent with in
At the choosing ceremony, I don't choose a faction you drip your blood into all the bowls and hope for the best. It's better to be honest!

4. Truth or Dare? Why

Dare. I ain't no Pansycake!
Dare. No one can know my deepest secret!
Dare. Asking for a truth would mean telling people about myself, for dare they get to choose what I do. More selfless.
Dare. It's always fun and makes it more entertaining for everyone!
Truth. I can give my most honest answer!
Truth. I will give you the facts not the fun.
Dare. No... Truth. Wait... Truth... No! Dare. I can't deci- wait is that some Amity bread. I am gonna go hug a tree!

5. You are a divergent. Someone asks you your aptitude results. What do you do?

Turn it into a joke. Lie and be brave about your secret.
Giggle and whisper to everyone very loudly the truth.
Smile politely and answer a half lie.
Fight and kill the person who asked it. NO ONE CAN KNOW!!!!
Come up with some very good excuse or answer on the spot that will guarantee no one will find out.
TRUTH!!! This is the only way forward. No secrets or dishonesty! Even if it means my life
None of the above

6. You are being picked on at school. What do you do?

Call for a teacher. They always know what to do. So clever
Keep my head low. I am not important anyway. There is no harm letting them get what they want.
Do what ever needs to be done!
Tell them the truth. They are mean and horrible they don't deserve friends
Fight to the death. Once they are in pain everything is better!
Smile and hug them. All they need is a bit of TLC.
Joke about it or fight the person. I can beet them I'm not a coward!

7. The bully continues after your previous action. What do you do?

Chat with them, smile, laugh and hug them. If that doesn't work, tell a teacher
Kill the person. They don't deserve to live. They are nasty and to see them in pain is the only way to make things better.
Fight. With nasty comments and leave them more 'damaged'
Tell the truth. They are horrible. Then tell a teacher
Report to the school, they can't get away with this. The clever adults will sort it. And if they don't I am smart enough to anyway!
Remain calm. Sort it out and chill. Don't get so worked up about some idiot.
Keep my head low. I am not important anyway. Getting a teacher would be self indulgent

8. What's your favourite colour?

Black and white
Black (blood red is nice too)
Red and yellow
Another colour

9. If you were an animal, what would you be?

Other animal

10. If you were at the choosing ceremony, which faction would you choose? How would you do it?

Dauntless. Then run out laughing and joking with a new friend
Dauntless. Then kicking a stiff in the shins on the way out
Abnegation. Keeping your head low and walking down the stairs quietly
Amity. Singing and laughing whilst hugging all your new friends
Candor. Telling everyone your secrets and why you chose this faction honestly
Erudite. Quoting facts as you walk out hold books with your new bookworm friends
None or all of the factions. Making you either dead or factionless.
Which ever faction you go for on the spot and go hang out wth them