Which Sherlock Character Are You? (1)

Which BBC Sherlock character are you? Take this quiz to find out! (I'm basing the results on the characters, not you. I'm not a mind reader, so forgive me if it's not perfect!)

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Hello everyone. Are you ready for my Sherlock quiz?

I suppose...
Stop wasting my time. Just get on with it.

What are some of your hobbies?

Writing; blogging.
Anything creative, like arts and crafts, dancing - I don't like to be bored, so I try to have lots of hobbies.
I dunno. I'm always bored.
Watching people dance.
Look for trouble wherever and whenever I can find it.
Talk to... people.
Mind your own business.

What kind of music do you like/listen to?

Depends on what mood I'm in.
Whatever's popular/anything.

Would you ever kill someone?

Depends... what would happen if I didn't?
NO! Never! How awful!
Well, if it meant a good murder...
Murder? I'm on my way!

Do you get impatient often?

Yes! All the time!
Not really. It gives me time to think.
With ordinary people? Definitely. They bore me. In fact, this quiz is boring me. Why am I even still here?

How much are you into BBC Sherlock?

AAHH He's so amazing!!!
I would say I'm interested in the show, yes.
My favourite show!
Well, I don't really like to talk about myself much, but if it passes the time...
I like to watch him dance.

What are your thoughts on Moriarty?

Brilliant. A genius.
Well, he's ok. Kinda creepy, but every fairy tale needs a good ol'-fashion psycho.
Ugh! He. Repels. Me.
It's nice to finally meet someone on the same intellectual level I am on for once.
Me, myself, and I... *starts tapping random sequence*

Since we're on the subject, who's your favourite villain on this particular show?

Moriarty. Duh.
Magnussen. Gross, but creepy. He has a mind palace!
ME! [and who's "me"?] *grins*
I can't decide.
You forgot some villains that were crucial to the show. :(
None of them. They're all too... weird. [Thank you] Didn't mean it as a compliment. [Yes you did, and you know it] ... Maybe.

How often do you watch Sherlock?

Once a week.
Two or three times a week.
Oh, who's watching me this time? It's getting tedious.
Oh, every month or so...
Every. Single. Day.

Do you have any friends?

What sort of question is that? Of COURSE I have friends! Doesn't everyone? [you'd be surprised...]
Friends? What friends?
I have a small group of close friends.
I have a large group of acquaintances.
I keep my friends close... and my enemies closer.
I have only one best friend.

What do you usually do before you go to bed?

How will this effect my score? This is pointless!
Check the time/read a book/etc.
Post what I did that day on my blog/Facebook/Twitter/etc.
Wait for my stalker so we can have a little... chat.
Bed? Sleep is for ordinary people.

Are you socially awkward?

Not really, no.
Does staring at people awkwardly count? I like observing from a distance.

Are you a competitive person?

I suppose...
Nah, other people can win, if they win fair and square.
I'd rather DIE that lose!!!
Which game? Some I am, some I'm not. Some games are just plain ridiculous.

Okay. Moriarty walks in your house. Doesn't even knock, because he somehow managed to get a key. What's your response?

WHAT??? When did this happen???
It depends. Am I home? [Obviously] Then... I'm not sure.
Pass out/run away screaming.
Join him to help him ruin Sherlock's life. [You are a disgrace to all Sherlockians!] But it's fun, and I'm bored.
Try and figure out what he wants, maybe put on some tea.

Why did you take this little "adventure"?

I was bored. And I still am.
Looked interesting.
To see if my results are accurate. They rarely are.

And lastly, did you like it?

It was alright.
Let me see my results first, then I'll tell you what I think.
Why would I tell you? You're the one who made me take it in the first place! [No I didn't] Yes, you did. [Yeah, ok I did]
I have better, more important things to do with my time.

Goodbye, everyone. Catch... you.... later.

Until next time.
Just end the quiz. *rolls eyes*
No you won't! *evil laugh*