Your creepypasta life part 1 (GIRLS ONLY!)

Your creepypasta life part 1 (GIRLS ONLY!)

Ok, so I messed up on my last "part 1" so I have to make a new one I'm so sorry about this but if you've already took that quiz please don't be mad and take this one no hate, and if you haven't then don't! Enjoy this one!

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No hating but favorite color?

Red, like blood
Black and/or white

What do you do in your spare/free time?

Play video games! (BEN: Hell yeah! Me: BEN, watch the language! BEN: sorry Vivian.)
Read (Everyone:BOOO!! Slenderman: Vivian please don't disrespect my books. Me: Sorry
baby. Slenderman: it's o.k. Honey.
Eat cheesecake
Watch TV
Eat kidneys
Play, stab with, throw, collect and keep knives

Who do you want to get?

BEN Drowned
Jeff the killer

RP time, what do yo think?

W-what is that? (It sands for Role play and, there's no need to be shy.)
Hell yeah!
Sure I guess.
Will it involve kidneys (maybe)
NO!! (Well, too bad!)

so, your at school talking to a friend about creepypasta. She asked the strangest question. "Do you believe that the creepypasta is real? And, if you did, what would you do if I was a creepypasta?" What do you reply??

Yes I do believe in the creepypasta and I think it would be awesome!
No I don't believe in creepypasta but I think it would be awesome if my friend
Yes I believe in creepypasta and I would'no like it if my friend was a creepypasta
NO, I hate the creepypastas and I think that would be HORRIBLE!!!

Follow, feedback?

Sorry, I-I d-don't have a-an a-account (Me: That's ok, and, no need to be shy :)
Um, maybe one...
No!! I hated it!!
I'll do both!