who are most likely your middle school freinds?

find out witch "click" suits you best in middle school. example: you could make more friends in math-letes then in football team

published on March 25, 201440 responses 0 2.7★ / 5

are you good at academics?

no, but looks favour me
yea i pass
heck yea! A+ all the way!

are you pro at sports?

does cheer count?
heck yea! best on the team!
on the team, part of the team
umm, i know how to hold a ball thing
no no and no, what is foot jiggly?

what do you most likely do on a weak end?

sleep over
academic tourny

are you more likely to be...

talking about someone behind there back
being talked about behind your back
taking no part

do you feel mad that this is a trick question XD

i dont mind

would you rather have a lot of freinds you cant trust, few freinds you can trust, no freinds (do my own thing!)

lots of freinds
its all cool i do my own thing!