Roman or Greek? Or Neither?

This quiz is taken from the well known series "The Heroes of Olympus" by the famous Rick Riordan. In this quiz you will find out whether you are a Roman or Greek half-blood. Or are you neither?

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*Boys only* What do you like most in a girl?

Looks, Independence, happiness.
Humor, leadership, loyalty
Not interested
I'm girl

You are a General, and you and your troops are in the midst of a war. You are asked to form up your troops, you...

Put then in a tight wedge formation to plow through the enemies lines and minimize losses.
Tell then to spread out and surround the enemy.
Your not a General so you take the order.
Wait what?

Favorite types of colors:

Bright colors Oranges, Reds, Yellows, Maybe even Green.
Paler colors Greys, Purples, Blues, Teal
Black bro just black

Your being attacked how do you respond?

Pull out your sword and slice and chop them up!
Pull out your sword and slash them to pieces!
Flee, they aren't worth your time or life.
Pull out your weapon of choice and attack!

Who's your hero?

Percy Jackson
Piper McClean
Annabeth Chase
Jason Grace
Nico di Angelo

You were appointed leader how were you appointed?

A vote and then appointed
You were the obvious choice and weren't really appointed, you were just it.
Me a leader??? Nahhh

Your chosen to go on a quest whom do you chose to accompany you?

A close friend and a satyr.
Whomever is most qualified
I don't get to chose
I'm never chosen to lead a quest.

What traits do you value the most?

Bravery, leadership, discipline.
Teamwork, loyalty, friendship.
Self preservation, dignity, heroism.

What is your weapon of choice?

A Magical item given to you as a gift.
A sword (and maybe a shield)
A Calvary Sword
A Bow.
Brute strength
A Knife
A well planned strategy
A weapon that plays to your strengths

*Girls only* What do you like most in a guy?

Looks, strength, leadership.
Humor, skills, relationship with others.
Not interested
I'm a boy.