Ultiamte personality quiz!

Ultiamte personality quiz!

I study psychilogy and came up with this quiz to help you know yourself better. Hope i helped and mostly hope you enjoy! note: This quiz will show your most expresive trait, people's personality is very diverst and this quiz may not cover all the personalities that exist (most likely lol) This is for entertainment purposes only.

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Are you ready for this?

I think so.
And if i'm not?
i am.
Yes sir! (or mam)
I hope.

If someone asks you "are you smart", how would you respond?

"People say i am"
"I wouldn't call myself that"
"The smartest"
"Why are you asking?"
"I wish i was wiser"
"I wish not to answer"

How would you begin a conversation with the other gender?

"Hi..." and be shy.
"Hey..." and smile.
I don't approuch others most of the time, they approuch me.
Just smile and see if he/she smiles back.
"Hey, you look nice"
I would take glances at him/her and if he/she does the same we'll see how things go.
I would come up in front of him/her and say: "Hi, my name's ____" and see how things go.
Just wave and see how he/she responds.

Do you love yourself?

I hate myself.
I choose not to answer.
I try.
Sure do.
I don't care if i love me or not.
I try allot.


No it's 3.
No, i have to say it is 2.
This is a stupid "question"
No it's 2.

What is the meaning of llfe?

43, why? Just because.
Hmm.. the most interesting question i've ever heard... (sarcastic)
To achomplish your goals.
Smarter people than me may know.
Let's ask dr. dre, dr. dre, i got a question if i may...
To try and love yourself,
If i know, i'll think about letting you know.
42... :)

What is your opinion on religion?

People should believe what they want.
I believe what i want.
Cool story bro. (about the question not about religion)
I'm a believer.
People should find their source of strength, wether it's religion or not.
God is all.
I believe in flying spageti monster.
Athiest here.