Wizard, Thief, Warrior, Archer, which one are you??

Wizard, Thief, Warrior, Archer, which one are you??

If RPG's were real, what class would your personality be most suitable for?

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If you were in a dire moment, what would you say/do?

I will not let my friend danger themselves for me, i would die with no regret.
I will ask my nearest friend to help me, so we can combo kill our foes!
I am cautios enough not to be in a dire moment.
I will play dead until i am left alone and then continue to attack my foes while they're surprised.

If it was your friend's last moments, what would you say and/or do?

I would hold his/her hand and say: "they are only wounds my friend, your mind is much stronger, be strong and let us
face death together..."
I would take him out of his/her misery and kill him as painlessly as possible, then i would carry his/her body and give it a
royal barial.
I would kiss his forhead and hold his hand and cry, untill he/ahe stops breathing.
I would pray to whatever God i believe in to guide his/her soul to a more peacefull place as i sit next to him/her.

If you and your friends come up against a monster (who is a foe), what will you do?

Yell: "stand back, i will destroy this foe my friends"
Look for it's weak spot while my friends attack it, then bring it down.
Before we even see it i would know it is there and warn my friends.
I would go hiding while my friends attack it, then when the beast think there are only three of us, i will surprise attack

If you had to choose between one of your friend's lives, who would you choose?

I would choose to save the archer.
I would choose to save the thief.
I would choose to save the wizard.
I would choose to save the Warrior.

What is the type of death that you wish for?

Dying while defending my loved one (and succeeding).
Dying after spending my last moments with my closest friends.
Dying after i discovered all i wish to discover.
In any way that would make it as easy for my friends and family to handle.

What food would you bring to a campfire?

The finest wine.

If you were giving a near-war speach, what would be your theme?

"They call you cowards, they call you pathetic army, well it's time to prove them wrong!!!"
"If we die, then we die with courage, stand your ground, and never give up!!!"
"They may outnumber us, they may out-strength us, but we have one thing they don't - unity! To war!!!"
"Count on your friend's shoulder, for you are not alone, death is only the begining, To victory!!!"