Randomness part 1

Randomness part 1

This is just like the title. A very random quiz with about only four parts.

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Jack: Hello my little green lima bean! I am Jack Skellington. Mario: What did you do with Jack Bowser. Bowser: *pulls Jack from wonder sack.* XD. Mario: I told you I don't like squiggily people. Jack: I'm squiggily all over. Mario: I really did not need to know that. Luigi: I can't believe it. Sure your scary but compered to thing your beautiful. *pulls out Toad*.

What the heck is this?
Cute Mario Bros! {Finally! Someone who knows!}

Sonic: *watching t.v.* Shadow: Hey Sonic. *sneezes*. Sonic: O_O. You sneezed on me. Shadow: So? Sonic: I'm going to catch the *mummers*. Shadow: What? Sonic: THE EMO!!! Alexis: Sonic there's no such thing as the emo. -_-. Sonic: YOU ALREADY HAVE IT!! DX. Luna&Alexis: *look at each other*. -_-.

Don't worry Sonic.
I'll get the emo darts!

You were walking down the street coming back from your friends birthday party. It wasn't a party for them. It was a party for their fish. XD

Seriously a fish? -_-.
That was an awesome part- yay a bird! :D

You realized that you forgot your phone at the party and turned around to go back to your friends house. When you turned around you saw a red pipe sticking out of the ground.

*starts singing Mario Bros theme song*.
Is there a waffle cake in it? {Waffle cake! But no.} Aw. :(

You looked in and heard something. "I don't want to do this." It was a male voice. "Come on Shadow. Do it for me," A girl voice said. The guy who you assumed as Shadow sighed. You looked carefully inside it. The only thing you saw was a pair of red eyes before you knocked out.

Red!! 8D
I don't care! I love it!