What's Your Personality? (4)

What's Your Personality? (4)

Well, I have been very bored these past few days. I recently began taking online quizzes because I thought they were interesting. My favorites are the personality quizzes. So, I hope you enjoy. DON'T HATE. xc

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What's your favorite color?


Anything to do with the color blue.
Do I have to answer this?...
I don't have a favorite color.

What do you do during your free time?

Play video games!
Read something.
Anything! I find fun in lots of things!
Sleep... lots and lots of sleep.
I don't really know. It depends on my mood.

How many friends do you have?

I have so many friends I can't count them all on both hands!
Uh... I don't know if I have any friends. They could just be pretending...

Are you impatient?

Kind of...
Not really?
I don't know...
Yes, but then there are times when I just can't take it anymore...

Which of these is your favorite?

I love them all.

Are you popular?

You know it.
Eh... not really?
A little... maybe...
I will never be popular.

What do you look for in friends?

Strength so they can beat up the bullies when they hurt my feelings.
I'm not sure... I guess it changes a little depending on the person...

What's your home life like?

My mom and dad split up and since then, everything has gotten worse.
I hate my family.
It's all good, but there are times when we argue. It's nothing, though. I still love them.
I'm not sure how to describe my family...
My parents are really nice, but we do argue. Even though we argue, they still love me and I still love them. We forgive each other because that's what family's are supposed to do.

What's your favorite kind of music?


(Me: I totally agree)
Pop. hip-hop, rock
Music that has a cute meaning to it.
Uh... I don't listen to music that much...
Sad things, things that make my pain worse but also better at the same time.
None of these.

You're walking down the sidewalk, enjoying the warm summer breeze. Suddenly, you hear a scream, and you look toward the direction of the sound. You see a small child, you guess around the age of six, being held by a gunman. The gunman threatens to kill the child unless someone goes with him. What do you do?

Scream for someone else to help and then run away.
Stare in terror and hurry away so you don't have to see anything.
March over to the gunman, rip the gun out of his hand, whack him across the face with it and beat him up.
You leap in front of the small child and tell him that you will go with him as long as he lets go of the child; that child deserves to live.
I have no idea...
Run over to the gunman, scream in his face, yank the kid away and take him back over to his parents. After the kid is safe, you go back over to the gunman and throw him on the ground and beat him up, screaming at him never to threaten a child ever again or else he won't see the last of you!