are you adventurous

are you outgoing and up for anything or are you shy and scared of anything

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If your friends and you go to a lake to chill for the day and they all jump of the boat, what do you do???

Stay on the boat, stay safe
Jump of the boat with them, take the risk
Tell them the truth, say you don to jump of the boat

You're friend dares you to go on the roof and jump of on the grass, what do you do???

Jump off, go for it
Don't take the risk
pretend to get hurt on the way up

you want to imprese a boy at school but he is a daredevil, what would you do???

Leave the boy you'll find another one
Do something riskey so that he'll notice
Go up to him and talk to him

You are alone in the woods and you're hearing noises, what should you do???

Stay there and die
start a fire and hunt for food
stay there and cry

What do you like best???

Eating potatoe chips on the couch
outdoor activities
watching T.V