Which asuran college do you belong to?

To be taken with an in-character mindset to determine which college your character most aligns with... or just for fun.

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How important is it to you that the fruit of your research yield practical applications?

Extremely important. Knowledge should not exist in a vacuum and practical application should be the endpoint of any research.
Somewhat important. Applicability is desirable, but not required.
Not at all important. Knowledge for knowledge's sake is a noble aim understood by few. All knowledge has power and practical applications that are not immediately obvious can always surface later.

You are more concerned with...

The process.
The question.
The outcome.

Your research methodology begins...

With a half-formed idea. The process begins and the finer details are sorted out along the way.
With a fully-formed idea firmly grounded in theory and possibly backed by the work of other asura. The process won't start until every kink is ironed out.
With a fully-formed idea so intensely researched and comprehended that every possible outcome is plotted out, along with the probability of each potential outcome. It may not even be necessary to carry out experimentation some of the time.

How do you handle failure?

I don't usually put myself in a position where I'm likely to encounter failure.
Very well. Failures are valuable. Trying, failing and learning something from it is a step forward, not a setback.
Not well at all. When encountering a failure, I spend a lot of time wondering what went wrong and worrying it'll happen again. I won't move on to other projects until I'm satisfied I understand what happened.

Of the following subjects, you are best at (or most interested in)...


How do you feel about golems and golemancy?

Golems are useful, but not inherently interesting. They should be utilized as muscle and as means to carry out basic, repetitive tasks. They are tools.
Golems are fascinating and I enjoy working extensively with them. I take pride in well-built golems. I have a one (or several) and sometimes think of them as partners or pets.
I have no interest in golemancy whatsoever.

An invention should last...

For as long as it's needed. An invention should never outlive its purpose.
Forever. The ability to stand the test of time is the hallmark of great craftsmanship.
For the duration of the inventor's life. It can serve him whenever it's required and its secrets will go to the grave with him.

If given the choice, you prefer working...

In a team setting as part of a small krewe.
As one in many on a huge, large-scale project.