are you like Elsa

are you like Elsa

find out if you are like Elsa or Kristof or cute adorable olaf or feisty Anna

published on March 22, 201442 responses 10 5.0★ / 5

do you like the winter

yes were you get warm hugs
well i do like it but i like summer a little better

what are your favorite color

yellow wait but with snow hehe nope
blue like the ice
sunset colors like the warm summer

were would you rather live

in a ice casle
wiuth my family and be happy

do you like your snow business

of course
hmm im the snow queen dah
nope i like the warm summer breze just put me in summer
well the warm hugs yes

would you be royalty or a hard worker

dah royalty
nah i dont have time for that im working