what faction are u in

find out what faction your in take this quiz thats all i have to say so yay

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when faced with a problem u react by...

faceing it head on what else would u do
doing whatever is the best thing greatest number of people
debating the issue with your friends
creating a work of art that expresses your feelings
all none or more than one
making a list of pros and con and then pick the best option

which job would you rather have


u find out that your friends boyfriend/girlfriend was cheating on him/her what do u do

confront the cheater
tell ur friend
tell ur friend cause u dont think she should date someone so selfish
sit them both down so they can talk it over
keep it to ur self statistics show she/he will find out eventually
none or more than one

you most want your friends and family to see you as someone who...

is willing to make sacrifices to help any one in need
is liked by every one
is trustworthy
will protect them no matter what happens
offers wise advise
all or more than one

when choseing ur outfit you select

something rainbow
something blue
something red or yellow
some thing black
some thing black and white
somethin gray

what would you most likely find your self doing on the weekend

more than one or none
shareing opinions with ur friends
writing poetry

what do u want most right now

to find truth in every thing
to have peace
to serve those around you
all or more than one
find your strenth in character
be good in work or school