Attack on Titan - What Legion you are in

Attack on Titan - What Legion you are in

Pretty much if you're in the Scouting Leigon, Stationary Guard, or Military Police

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What do you think of the Fall of Wall Maria?

It's Horrible, now humanity's fate is unknown. I might as well try to get as far away from this stuff.
I really want to help make things better, and make sure those Titans pay for what they've done.
I can't really say, but I know that the walls need to be in better shape to take another hit like that.

How good of a fighter are you?

I'm ok at fighting Humans but Titan blood is really a joy to see.
I'm pretty good at taking care of the more rowdy folk, especially criminals who disrupt the peace in the walls.
I'm not really that good at fighting, I usually just do whatever requires the least amount of physical effort.
I'll fight anything! Except for Titans, those guys scare the hell out of me.
Whatever is the biggest threat should be beaten for the well being of all.
I'm more of a bystander type, not really into fighting.

Who do you look up to.

Erwin Smith is a great leader.
Dot Pixis, he's pretty good at what he does.
Nile, he's great.

People are screaming, turning to you asking what to do. Everyone is afraid and out of control. What do you do?

Round everyone up and help them escape.
Tell everyone to screw off, and run for your life.
Kill whatever is upsetting them
You won't like it, but not everyone is going to be able to escape. You round up everyone you can to fight, even though you know it probably won't work.
Your emotions are clashing and you can't decide to help the people or not. Before you know it, it's too late.
Flee with whoever you see is more useful.

How would you describe your Passion?

I do what I like when I feel like doing it. I don't like to think ahead.
I'm pretty cowardly, so it's pretty hard for me to do the harder thing.
I'm as loyal as a dog. I owe my life to those with more authority.
I do things for the greater good.
I care more about the big picture than just my life.
Whatever has me on the edge is best.
I was never really good at much, I just kinda do what I can, as long as I can wake up the next morning.
I really wanted to do something else, but i didn't apply myself. I regret my choices.
There is no hope. I might as well spend my few moments with people I love.

Two men are in a fight. You have no Idea what the fight is about but you know that one of the men is defensless. What do you do.

Teach the tougher looking one some manners.
Might as well watch.
I would help the little one but I really am not fit to fight that other man.

Which one of these phrases do you like the most.

"People have to realize that what they're doing is pointless, so they may as well just run away and try to delay the inevitable."
"I'm going to die either way, so I might as well try to take down as many as I can."
"No one knows what's going to happen. I just wish I wasn't caught up in it all."