hogwarts houses! no offense, but an accurate one!

This is a fun and accurate quiz that tells what hogwarts house you are in.

published on March 18, 201446 responses 20 4.6★ / 5

what would you choose to eat?

some strange food from sweden
whatever is on the table
what my friends recommended for me

you are locked in a room with only your ipod touch. what do you do to entertain yourself?

listen to music from a strange band barely anyone has heard of
text some friends.
play a game where you have to overcome many challenges
watch viral videos on youtube

what house do you want to be in?

whichever one my friend gets in
the one my older sibling gets in

where is your favorite place to hang out?

the library.
a movie theater

what is your favorite season and why?

winter. it's just different.
fall. school is back so i can hang out with my friends more.
spring. there are more animals so i can adventure outside more.
summer. everyone else likes it.