Which of My Warrior Cats Are YOU?

Which of My Warrior Cats Are YOU?

I literally have four Clans of original warrior character I made up myself. The thing is, which one are YOU?

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The day is a little cloudy but warm. You just woke up and feel hungry.

Grab something and chill out for the moment.
Take a generous piece and drag it away from
other cats.
Quickly snack on something and run outside to
collect fresh herbs.
Root through the pile until you find something
tender and delicious, then enjoy the weather.
Eat something and visit the nursery, the kits
should be awake.
Chase some apprentices away and take out
something to eat before a morning of work.

The deputy is pacing around the camp. He is looking for patrol cats.

I pad up to him and offer to gather a border
I snort and tell the mouse-brain to make up
him mind.
I ask him if he can find a warrior who'd carry a
message to WindClan's medicine cat for me.
I ponder whether I want to help out or not, but
I am called for a hunting party.
I wish I could help out, but Brownkit and
Daisykit keep me busy!
I casually ask if I can help him plan out the
routine, and from the look on his face I see
he'd rather not use my advice.

You pad out into the forest. You might as well hunt...you weren't picked for patrol.

Leap in a tree and look for a bird or squirrel.
Ignore it. You ate, screw the elders.
No time to start pouncing on fresh-kill! Gotta
find that goldenrod.
I dunno. I suppose I'll keep a lookout. Not
much prey right now anyways.
Better find the kits a tasty morsel and a few
Look, stop telling me what to do! I can take
care of myself!

You remember a recent battle...what did you do?

I stuck with a huddle of apprentices and
watched their backs, most of the time.
I tended to attack the strongest warriors.
I healed! Duh, I am a medicine cat!
Fought, I guess. Not much to say here...well...I
was pretty awesome!
I protected the nursery! Oh, the darling kis
were so afriad!
I healed, but I sometimes lashed out at
attackers who poked their claws within range.

You didn't have luck with that prey (or herbs) and you're hungry. What do you do?

Uh oh. Major growlers. Gotta chow down!
Guess it means I have to go back to camp.
Not giving up! No way! Gotta keep trying!
I'll go out later, you can't think on an empty
The kits look peckish. I should find them a
decent mouse.
I ain't gonna give up yet! Let's check out that
emergency spot Barleystream rambled about.

Back in camp, there seems to be a fight. You can't see anything, you'd have to push into the crowd.

Hang back, I'm sure a buddy will tell me what's
Nevermind. It's probably stupid anyway.
Squeeze! I have every right to see the
Try to get a peek!
Calm the skitterish kits! They are scared, oh
my! Why do they yowl so loudly!
Shove! I wonder why the two mouse-brains
caterwaul so loudly!

The fight breaks up. Turns out it was a love thing.

Oh, right, shrug it off then!
Told ya, stupid and boring.
So romantic! I wish I could see it from the
That's sappy, I guess.
My! Hope they get back together.
Sheesh. Frogbrains. Seriously? Really?

It's still rather early. Go out to continue that hunt?

Sure! Why not!
Ignore it. Better avoid the patrols and hang
back here.
Yeah! Can't believe I returned anyway!
Maybe, after I grab a mouse to gnaw on.
Oh, right. I was a little busy with the kits!
Suppose so. I can't look like a lazy kittypet!

You finally end up successful! How do you feel?

Maybe a bit tired. It's getting late. Better get back to camp!
Normal, if not annoyed it took so long!
Excited! First goldenrod of the season!
Pretty great!
Very happy, and exhausted by the kits!
Jaded, at best, bored at worst.

It's still a short while before sleep-time! Whaddya do?

Hang out with other warriors, tell stories...
Stay out of the dumb warrior's way.
Hang out!
Dunno. I'm tired, get some early sleep maybe.
Lull the kits to sleep. They're so wriggly! And cute.
Sort some herbs. Again! Hmp.