Ere' ye a Scotsman?

Like tae drink whiskey? Don't care what ye wear under ye kilt? Caber tossing? Bagpipes? HAGGIS???

published on March 17, 201410 responses 1


Love it!
... It's just meat.
Never had it.
No. Just no.

How do you take your fight?

Head on, screaming, and waving whatever comes to hand.
I'm game if you are.
Eh. I'm not really into fighting.
I'll do any dirty trick to win.

Would you wear a kilt be you a lad or lass?

Of course! Why wouldn't I?
Every now and then.
Nope. It's a freakin' skirt, right?
A real man doesn't wear a plaid dress.

Would you perform open heart surgery with a claymore?

Nurse, hand me me claymore. This one's got tae go.
Only on someone I wouldn't like.
Isn't a claymore a type of bomb?

How's the bagpipes where you are?

Glorious, as always!
Oh yeah, they're cool.
Ugh. They sound like a dying cat.
Only for funerals.

Do you know what a sporran is?

Of course!
Isn't is an article of clothing?
No. What is it?
It's just a man-purse.

Do you understand me when I say "Aye fer the auld bonny braw heelin' braes o' Scotland! I cannae see why'd ye want tae make yer hame elsewhere."

Yeah, every word.
I get the gist.
Uhhh... no. A word here and there, but no.
Yes, but it really bugs me.