Are you Irish?

Do you have what it takes to be a hard-drinking, hard-fighting, hard-partying, hard-loving, hard-dancing, hard-singing, awesome person?

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Do you like to throw yer' head back and sing? Dancing like no one cares?

I'm doing that right now.
Not really.
I can hum...and no it's not gay at all.
I love singing.
I can play the flute.

How much do you want to be Irish.

Too late. I'm already in the circle of awesomeness.
Idk idc.
F**k those Irish bastards.
I bad.
Don't I count? I'm just a little to the North.

How many women have you slept with? (For guys.)

I lost count.
A couple.
None...but a few guys.
At least 20...I'm working on it.
I have goats from my father.

How many heads have you cracked?

I lost count again from the booze.
I've never been in a fight.
Does my own head count?...because I've done that several times.
I been in a couple fights, and I took them down!
I've been so annoying that people have banged their heads on the wall...this count?

How much alcohol can you drink?

I'm still testing my limits.
I don't really know.
About one non-alcoholic beer. This isn't gay either.
A lot.
I'm so stupid I don't understand this question.

Do you come from Ireland?

No, but me mum got off the boat.
I wish.
...From the north that is...
No way!!!

You wake up from a meet a stranger who seems to know you really well. What do you do?

I'm heading for the pub.
I say "sorry."
Tea isn't alcoholic.
I just go with it 'cause I'm cool that way.
I know all the goats I've woken up next to already.

What do you like to drink?

Beer...Whiskey...Porter...Doesn't really matter!
I like to think I'm cool by drinking my neighbors alcohol.
Budweiser. The others sound good though.

Do you know who the Young Dubliners and the High Kings are?

What about the Irish Rovers? They're from my part of the country aren't they?
No but I want to.