are you a legendary hero

in this quiz you with find out if you are like link or like a bad guy like gannon

published on March 16, 20148 responses 2 1.0★ / 5

what to do with the princess

kidnap her from the castel
get the triforce of wisdome from her
save her from evil
hope the hero of time will come and save her

what would you do with the triforce

control the world and turn it into a place of fear
kill all in the way if the rest of the triforce
help all in need with the power of the triforcer of courage

wich typ of power woukd you use

powerful dark magic
a sword
a shop to give to ppl to help
normal maigic
a friendly person

how would you be with power

power to control the wold
power to save the wold
power to make a shop a help ppl

what animal would you wont to turn into

a giant hog with swords
a wolf with midna