What Kind of Online Quiz-taker Are You?

What Kind of Online Quiz-taker Are You?

Quizzes are the latest trend to take up our time. Everyone from your teen's favorite site to NPR is throwing them out in an effort to drive traffic and pique interest. Okay, I'm curious: why do we take these quizzes? I spent a day and a half last week, along with my webmeister, designing a quiz to help us find out. The software for activating the quiz on my website is challenging and less than perfect, so you'll have to click a link and move to another location. Do come back and leave comments, though; I want to know who I'm dealing with. Btw, this quiz is meant as a parody: it isn't meant to be judged, taken seriously or found wanting. I knew you'd understand. (images courtesy of Brainless Tales.com)

published on March 16, 201419 responses 0 5.0★ / 5

What's your favorite article of clothing?

an old sweater
designer cashmere gloves
the scarf my granddaughter bought me
my reversible raincoat with zip-out lining
this outfit I borrowed from a friend
the latest whatever

What's your ideal vacation spot?

someplace I've never been before
at home binge-watching "Breaking Bad"
Disney World
the latest hot spot
the Vineyard with Bill and Hillary
anywhere if someone else is paying
where's the latest hot spot?

If you had to choose just one book...

Gone Girl
Walking Dead, the graphic novel
Succeed on Your Own Terms
The Hunger Games
To Kill a Mockingbird
Man and Superman

The person/people you most admire:

my teachers
the me ten years from now
my family and friends
Bill Gates
the guy who wrote "The Four Hour Work Week"
Frank Underwood

What's your favorite BuzzFeed Quiz?

What Superpowers Should You Have?
Which Contemporary Artist Are You?
How Smart Are You?
Are You Cool?
Which Harry Potter Character Are You?
What Should You Really Have For Lunch?

Word or phrase that best describes you: