witch Zelda character are you

witch Zelda character are you

Just try this quiz! Its the best I can ever make! Plz ppl just do it, I made it for a video game.

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Whats your personality


What wappion would you use in battle

Dark magic
Awesomeness!! XD
Epic iron sword

What would you call home

Royal castle
A tree
A dark room with a throne
A nice, cold, and damp cave

Whats your favorite colors

Pretty colors
Everything dark
Green and blue
Black and white ( including gray )

If there in a clan, what would it be.

Shadow clan
Clan where I KILL monsters
Where im the boss clan
Forest clan

Whats your hobbie

Whats your hobbie
Riding things
Killing monsters
Caring a sword around with me to keep me safe
Going next door to sniff that hot poodles butt!! <3
A hot dog bun