Which Harry Potter Character Are You Most Like? (1)

Which Harry Potter Character Are You Most Like? (1)

Step into the world of Harry Potter! Are you smart like Hermione or brave like Harry? Find out by taking this quiz.

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A classmate throws a note at you that says LOSER. What do you do?

Look at the note and crumple it into pieces, and throwing it in the wastebasket in front of your classmates.
Show the note to the teacher immediately.
Simply put the note in your pocket and throw it away later.
Take the note and show everyone in the classroom.
Crumple the note into a ball and throw it hard at the classmate who wrote it.
Put it in your pocket. You'll lose the note anyway!!!

You stumble upon the Mirror of Erised. What do you see?

Professor Dumbledore giving you an award and becoming a prefect.
Beating all of your opponents wherever you go and become leader.
Not having to be clumsy all of the time and be normal.
Loved ones hugging you and having a great time.
Relaxing in a beautiful forest and meeting animals.
Completing all your classes and getting a great job at the Ministry of Magic.

Oh my gosh! Harry Potter just started a secret training club for Defense Against the Dark Arts! What do you think?

Sure, I'll join. This will be great for a learning experience that can increase our test scores!
I'll join! It sounds like fun.
A secret club? That's so stupid and only weird people are joining. I'd rather be on Dolores Umbridge's side to catch them!
I'll definitely join! I can learn with all my friends and I can become great at wizardry!
I'll join! It sounds like a great idea instead of our mean teacher!
I'll join to finally show people what I can really do!

YOU are asked to help find the horcruxes to destroy Voldemort, and fight in the Battle of Hogwarts! What do you say?

Of course! I know that sometimes we shouldn't be violent but we can destroy You-Know-Who!
Destroy Voldemort? Help the ginger, the mudblood, and Potter??? Those weirdos can go without me.
I'll help! I will look for clues around me to help destroy the horcruxes.
I'll surely help! I better get started... no spiders involved... right?
I'll help! Let's start at Gringotts Bank! Where should we look? Who can help us? What potions should we use?
According to the books in the library, Bellatrix LeStrange has a huge bank vault. Let's go!

In your class, what would you be voted for?

Most Likely to Succeed
Most Likely To Go On An Adventure
Nicest Person
Most Forgetful
Why should I care what my weird classmates say? They are dorks.
A Great Friend

You see a kid being bullied in the courtyard. You:

Stand up for the kid.
Yell: "I will get the teacher if you don't stop!"
Say: "That's not very nice. What if it were you being bullied?"
Forget it. You ARE the kid being bullied!
Run and get your best friend to help you stop the bully.
Walk over and help the bully torture the kid.

"HEY!" Professor Snape walks over to you. "Did you steal a powdered horn of a bicorn from my Potions classroom? Are you making Polyjuice Potion?" Oh no! What do you do?

"No," you lie, backing away slowly. "What is a bicorn, anyway?"
No, sir," you lie, hiding the powdered bicorn horn. You gulp. Professor Snape buys it. Whew. You run back to your friends.
"No, Professor Snape," you lie. You act serious and walk away.
"No, Professor Snape, but look! I think I saw one of the Weasley twins...Fred or George... sneak away with it! They must be making their own potions again! I never trusted their rotten minds," you lie. You chuckle to yourself.
"No, Professor Snape. Goodbye, have a lovely day!" you lie.
You drop the powdered horn of a bicorn out of your pocket. "Sorry, Professor Snape..." you mumble.

Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle hand you a flyer. It's a petition that says that if you signed it then you are against mudbloods. What do you do?

Gasp in shock and say: "How dare you?"
Get angry and accidentally backfire a spell. You spend the rest of the day at Hagrid's.
Crumple the flyer and rip it.
Say: "Awesome!" and sign your name really BIG on the paper.
Take the flyer and give it to a teacher.
Gulp and say: "No thank you..." and run before they beat you up.

Wow! You just got the Firebolt broomstick! What do you do?

"Cool!" you think. You hop on and take a ride.
You keep it in the corner of your room. It looks cool, but you never really liked playing with broomsticks.
You have always wanted to play Quidditch, so you train on it the next day.
Some Slytherin takes it from you! Oh well. It was a nice surprise, at least.
You wrap it and give it to someone else. You don't really know how to fly on it.
Yes! You know that you can beat everyone else with this broomstick!

You've entered Dumbledore's office! Nobody seems to be inside. What do you do first?

Discover the Pensieve and look into it.
Look at all of the books! Wow!
Quietly sit and wait for Dumbledore to arrive.
Exit the office immediately. You don't want to break anything.
Look at the phoenix named Fawkes.
Destroy anything that looks important. Dumbledore could just live without those. Ha!