Divergent Aptitude Test (3)

Divergent Aptitude Test (3)

What is your faction? The 5 Factions: Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite OR ARE YOU DIVERGENT?

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You come upon 10 children. 9 children taunt you and laugh. One child has his mouth and appears to be begging for mercy, and has his hands in a prayerful position. You realize you're in a simulation, but don't think of it. Suddenly, a tank falls on to you and you're trapped. Every child is still and stop moving and talking. You must ask on group to help you, the 9 children that taunted you, or the single merciful child. The tank starts filling up. Your hand becomes wet and you touch your hair. It burns and you scream very harshly. It appears when it touches your head, it will kill you. Who do you ask? (Make a quick decision before you have this tank fill up!)

You don't ask anybody. You can help yourself. Asking favors
is not you.
This is just a simulation. This is probably an aptitude test.
You ask the 9 children. They taunted you, but this is the most
logical decision you have.
You ask the kind little child. He will accept and help me.
You ask the taunting kids. They look really buff and strong. Plus, this is
probably some fear landscape.
You decifer which will be the right choice to bring justice.

You are in the faction you want to be in. (This applies to all questions from this point on.) It is right after the Choosing Ceremony. You watch your blood drip again and again into the bowl you chose. You stop and push it from your mind. You are led by the faction's leader to the next challenge. What can you see yourself doing?

Being led to the factionless to help there.
Taking a pop quiz about some awesome topics that are current and
Getting a good laugh out of the friend that chose with you. You are a
bunch of little kids.
Jumping around and going on an awesome adventure.
Being given the truth serum and telling all the things you've done.

Dinnertime! What are you eating?

Very simple food.
A fizzy pop that is citrusy.
Some fresh berries.
A piece (or two!) of chocolate cake.

(This one is not faction based-this has nothing to do with factions) You come upon simple room. Inside, is a metal table. A gun appears on the table. You hear a voice say pick it up. You do. Your enemy, younger than you, appears on the left of the table. Your best friend, older than you, appears on the right of the table. You hear the voice say, "Shoot one of them." Who is shot?

Myself. I need to sacrifice myself.
My friend. He is older, the enemy is too young.
My friend. I have no enemy.
That enemy DIES! Lolz.
My enemy. Such a liar.

*Final Question* What did your blood trickle over at Choosing Ceremony?

Stones (Abnegation)
Water (Erudite)
Dirt (Amity)
Hot Coals (Dauntless)
Glass (Candor)