Hogwarts House

Hogwarts House

What Hogwarts House are you in??? Houses inc. Griffindor (Haryy, Ron, Hermione) Slitherin (Draco, Crabbe, Goyle) Hufflepuff (Cedric) Ravenclaw (Luna)

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You see $20 on the ground, you...

....pocket the money
....report to the police
.....look around for anyone who might of dropped this money

You are given a test at school that has questions that your teacher hasn't covered yet, you....

Try hard and hope for the best
copy off your friends anwer sheet
ask the teacher what to do, even though that is strickly what you are told not to do
Start crying or yell and shout
Feel okay, you have already studied for this

You see your friend has a cheat-sheet during the test. This isn't allowed. What do you do?

Tell the teacher after the class
Tell the teacher right in the middle of the test
I don't care, they aren't my friend anymore anyway
Tell them that they shouldn't use the cheat-sheet, you don't want them to get in trouble
make them pay! ill make every little bit of the day horrible for them today!

you would describe yourself like.....

sly and cunning
a good friend

Your friend has played a prank on you. You get embarresed infront of the whole school.

Laugh with the school, it doesn't matter
ZTell the school something about the friend that pranked you
Start crying and get upset
He/She must pay! Ill make their lives difficult from now on!