Survival skills test

This test will determine your knowledge of surviving, logical thinking, thinking outside the box and the ability to make spontaneous decisions in the wild.

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When you see a wild animal, it's better to stay still than to attack it and make noises


Which statement is true?

When the fluids that come out of a tree are colored, they are poisonous
If you are attacked by a bear, you should run away
You can safely eat all kinds of plants, except for mushrooms.

You are lost. What is the first thing you do?

Search for water and food
Hide in case wild animals show up
Make a fire and stay where you are
Mark wherever you are and look for other people

Where could you find water in the wild?

Birds, animals and insects usually indicate that water is close
You can collect dew from grass or squeeze the moisture out
Look behind rocks or moist soil
All of the above

What is the most practical survival kit?

A gun, a bow and arrow and a book
A laptop, a few juice boxes and a sandwich.
First-aid equipment, a plastic bag and a knife
Meat, matches and a blanket

How can you protect yourself from heat loss in a shelter?

Build a platform and build your shelter on the opposite side of the prevailing wind
Make a fire inside of the shelter so you stay warm
Build it close to rocks so they trap the cold
It is saver to stay outside, because the shelter might cave in

If you are all alone, what would you do to be discovered and rescued?

Find a save place, save energy and wait.
Wander around and search for people yourself.
Make a triangle shape in the sand or with other equipment.
Climb up a tree and yell "Help!"