Running from trouble part 23

Running from trouble part 23

Sorry I haven't been posting. I've been really busy with stuff going on. But here's 23. Enjoy. :D

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You got up and saw Star fighting Scourge again. Gina got up and helped Star. "Get away!" Sapphire said punching him.

Go Sapphire!
*scared*. (All of us: -_-.)
*get's behind couch*.
I ain't afraid.

You blacked out again and noticed you were in a weird metal cylinder. "What's going on?" You asked. You then saw you were falling. You were now out of the capsal and falling.

*singing Sonic underground theme song*. (Everyone: O_o? Alexis: XD.)
Please help me!!!
*singing I believe I can fly*. (Alexis: Um... your falling.) I believe I can fall! XD. (Alexis: XD.)
-_-. (Alexis: -_-.)

You braced yourself as you hit the ground hard. You weren't injured but you did see Alexis, a white female fox, Sapphire, and a new blue hedgehog with neon green tips at his spikes run up to you. The male hedgehog grabbed your wrist and you noticed he sort of looked like Sonic.

I'm so confused! DX
Hi Sonic.
They just said he LOOKED like Sonic. Not that he was Sonic. -_-
Is Manic there? (Alexis: No. -_-.)
Shadow? (Alexis: *shakes head*.

"I'm Gina," The white female fox said still running. "I'm Dylan," The hedgehog who looked like Sonic said before picking you up. You stared at him and Gina. "Don't worry," Sapphire called to you. "They're our friends," Alexis smiled. "Dylan get her out of here," Gina yelled. Dylan nodded and zoomed off with you in his arms.

Bye Gina. (Gina: Bye. ^-^.)
I wanna fight. :(
Bye Sapphire. (Sapphire: Bye. :).)
Be safe everyone.
Am I the ONLY one who thinks this is weird? (Alexis: *nods*. XD.)
Bye Alexis... (Alexis: Bye friend! XD.)

You heard some yelling and blasting. Then screaming but it sounded familiar. You then looked and saw a robot that looked like Sonic holding both your parents.... I'm gonna cut right there. Bye. ;) And sorry for the wait. I've been busy.